All cited links herein are recommended in regards to material specifically countering any and all anti-Islamic and Islamophobic literature and research from non-Muslim sources. It does not extend in any way, shape or form to cover anything other than this.

The primary purpose of Islamic-Awareness website is to educate Muslims about the questions and issues frequently raised by the Christian Missionaries and Orientalists. You will find a variety of excellent articles and responses to missionary and Orientalist writings. The material on this website is frequently updated with new articles, references and arguments.

Run by da’ee/ apologist Bassam Zawadi, this site has successfully rebutted much of the disinformation and outright lies promulgated by various Christian and non-Christian anti-Islamic websites.

The only da’wah site on the net directed at calling Hindus to Islam and rebutting the arguments of the the likes of Arya Samaj et alia.

A comprehensive website for those interested in Islaam, as well as those who have taken the blessed step of converting to Islaam. It has exclusive interviews with converts, including ex-celebrities, such as, former rap artist and ‘Outlawz’ member Napolean (now: Mutah Beale), and former rapper Loon (now: Amir Junaid Muhadith) of P. Diddy’s Bad Boy Records. It contains a wealth of information on the fundamentals of Islam along with a forum inviting to discussion and dialogue.

An excellent website chronicling the truth about Jesus the Messiah, son of Mary, from the Qur’an and Prophetic traditions, including an e-book and a printable pamphlet.